Teen Horror Cast

E2: The Thing (1982)

March 01, 2021 The Teen Horror Cast Team Season 1 Episode 2
Teen Horror Cast
E2: The Thing (1982)
Show Notes

Content in this show includes descriptions of body horror and gore!

In this episode we review John Carpenter's 1982 sci-fi horror classic "The Thing," including:

  • Overall impressions
  • Is it right for teens
  • Was it "turn the lights on scary?"
  • Favorite scenes
  • How do we feel about it being all men?
  • Which of the characters would you choose to be stuck with in Antarctica?
  • What do we think happens at the end?
  • What would we change?

As a bonus, we've watched the original 1951 "The Thing from Another World" and the 2011 movie "The Thing," which could be called a "premake" of Carpenter's film as it is both a prequel and remake of his movie. We'll comment and contrast these with the '82 film during our discussion but will also answer the following specific questions:

  • What did we think about the 1951 version?
  • What did we think about the cinematography of 2011 vs 1982?
  • What about the special effects of 2011? How does 1982 hold up?
  • Where does 2011 go right and where does it go wrong?

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